Retirees Community

Who Are we?

RETIREES WORLD ORGANIZATION is a global program, a Non profit & Non governmental Foundation designed to solve problems & keep Retirees happy & uplifted all over the World. A program fashioned to put smiles on d faces of millions of poor & suffering member Retirees irrespective of Age, Race, Sex, color, Region or Nation.
It is an assembly or meeting permit for member Retirees in a unit or society networks, designated to meet, interact either physically or online and other social media to discuss and share issues related to welfare and development of members and their environment.
We are here to encourage and empower members to be self employed self reliance and self dependent. Alleviating the suffering in Retirement and old age. Creating and supporting a good life for members Encouraging members to build a good life for their families and generations to come. Guiding member to live a healthy, Wealthy and blissful life.