Reasons Why Every Retiree Must Cultivate a Garden

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February 3, 2020
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Reasons Why Every Retiree Must Cultivate a Garden

After years of procrastination and making excuses- valid and invalid, I’m finally in the preparatory phase of cultivating my garden. Working with a number of experts on this project, it’s been an eye opening project of beauty and ultimate satisfaction so far. So much so that I have become an ardent crusader for establishment of personal gardens, hence this article.

Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as part of horticulture (Wikipedia). From flowers and foliage to fruits and vegetables, gardens may be cultivated for appearance or consumption of its produce. Nonetheless, reasons for cultivation of gardens go beyond these obvious needs from one group of people to another.

Below are a few reasons why retirees should cultivate gardens.

A Sense of Purpose: to those who know, there is nothing as inspiring as bringing in new life to the world. While the time to produce human offspring may be long gone, gardening is an opportunity to continue to introduce and nurture new life. In gardening, most people find a sense of purpose, something to look forward to daily, a productive past time.

The redundancy and monotony of life after retirement could be sometimes depressing for one who had hitherto been a vibrant part of something productive. With gardening, a retiree finally finds something to channel his unspent energy to. It offers a fresh start- literally and figuratively.

Source of Good Diet: You are at that age where the Doctors advise more of fruits and vegetables, they tell you to go for organically grown ones. Unfortunately the world is at the stage where we are unable to trust labels of even the largest producers of so called organic produce.

In all this there is always that one producer of organic produce that you can trust wholeheartedly, and that producer is you. You and your family can trust produce from your backyard any day and anytime. It is easier to eat a good diet when its components are readily available.

Ease of Startup: Remember when I said, in the opening paragraph of this article, that I was working with some experts on my garden? Those experts gave me the tips for free because they were on Youtube. Actually, everything I know about gardening today I learnt for free on Youtube, and I am considered as an expert in some quarters.

Go online, and look for tips on how to cultivate your garden. There are thousands of videos with tips for different garden sizes and types. They also let you know how to improvise and save cost.

Residual Income: If I have been unable to convince you so far, I hope this point will pique your interest in cultivating a garden. Yes, while most of your relatives will expect that you gift them produce from your garden, there is no law that bars you from selling them. Produce could be wholesale to retailers or directly to consumers from a stall in your local green produce market.

What the heck? You could promise those relatives a good discount when they patronize you, but no matter what you do, do not forget to send your thanks when the profits start rolling in. We are partners now.

Relaxation: “We travel to view the kinds of things we ignore at home”- (paraphrased) Pliny the Younger. In this case, you could enjoy your relaxation in your back yard garden instead of travelling miles to view someone else’s garden at a fee.

When you cultivate your garden according to your taste, everyday could be a vacation as you enjoy the serenity that comes from being at peace with nature. This therapy saves you on vacations and medical bills, especially now that you don’t earn as much as you used to.

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