A Short Story of How Your Habit Will Kill You

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February 7, 2020
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A Short Story of How Your Habit Will Kill You

A video was shared on the timeline of one of my social media handles recently. As most social media skits these days are, it was a funny video without words but its truth spoke volumes to me. I do not have the rights to repost the video on this platform but I will do my best to narrate the video in the best possible way so you can understand its bearing on the subject matter. Here we go:

The video started with mountains and beach sand in the middle of nowhere, showing four men. Three of the men were dressed in goatskin skirts and had their bodies painted like the ancient warriors of many of those uncivilized tribes we’ve seen in the movies. They were actually uncivilized in this skit as one of them was trying futilely to make a fire onto some twigs by striking two stones together. He did this for the first 6 seconds of the video before throwing the stones away in frustration as his clansmen looked on angrily.

The fourth man was dressed in black shorts and a blue T-shirt. He was obviously the only modern (or civilized) person in the scene and that is why he was bound hands and legs over the twigs which were to be set ablaze. He was to be roasted as their meal and he looked scared for his life.

Perhaps their inability to ignite the stones into fire was a sign that the gods had spared this man. The three men free their prisoner making him to sit amongst them as they look on forlornly. The disappointment of missing such a sumptuous meal evident in their frowns as one of them continues to tap his spear on the ground.

The prisoner whose life fate seemed to have spared, with a sigh of relief retrieves a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He offers one of the sticks to the man who had failed in making a fire, he actually forces him to accept the cigarette (maybe as a token of gratitude for saving his life). As the bewildered man looks on with a strange stick of cigarette between his lips, the prisoner reaches to another pocket on his shorts, retrieves a lighter and proceeds to light his captors cigarette before lighting his which was already between his lips.

He cups his hand to shield the fire from the wind and makes a light to help his captor with his cigarette. On seeing the fire within his prisoner’s cupped hands, the uncivilized man’s eyes light up as if in an eureka moment. It was in that same moment that the prisoner realized he had just sealed his own fate. In shock he opens his mouth as his cigarette falls off. His face looks like he is trying to make an appeal but his mouth could not form the words.

The last scene shows the other two men carrying the prisoner bound to a long stick back to the steak platform on top of the twigs to be lit.

There should be no doubt in the mind of the reader as to how the story ends for the prisoner, seeing that he could not hold his habit in check, even in a life and death situation. He had inadvertently given a weapon of death to his captors.

Your habits will be with you when and where nobody will, they will be the reason you make the decisions you do; they will cause your success or failure in life; they can cause you to live or die- more literally than figuratively.

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